Who We Are

Our vision is what sets us apart......

We begin by meeting with the client and figuring out what there needs are.  Then we work on a design that meets these needs.  We very rarely stick with the original design.  We often like to change things as new ideas and possibilities come to light.  We want our projects to have their own distinct personality.  

Historic renovation is very difficult - both for the client and contractor.  Historic renovations are like a rubics cube and a puzzle all in one.  Everything needs to fit but nothing ever does.  They always come with non foreseeable problems within the project.  The scope of the project continuously grows. Estimating is always difficult because you can't estimate on things you can't see.   There are often many surprises when you remove decades of past "renovations".

We offer our clients a very detailed scope of work and a very detailed estimate.  Throughout the project we send our clients a "estimate vs actual" report so that they can monitor the project and its expenses.  Open dialogue is very important as these projects tend to unleash many responses from both parties.